Head 4 Heights Ltd set up ZooRopia at Bristol Zoo in 2009 which rapidly became Europe’s busiest aerial adventure park for 5-12 year olds. Its success was proven by having its license renewed twice extending it to 15years. With over 400,000 visitors, tens of thousands of visitors including both children and adults enjoyed Zooropia year on year.

Designed for anyone aged five and over, ZooRopia took you on an exciting route around the centre of the zoo, traversing around, trees, monkeys, apes and other tree-dwelling animals. Some of the activities included a net ramp, a plank bridge, hanging tyres, looped vines, hanging logs, balance beam and much, much more, before finishing with a thrilling zip wire onto the zoo’s main lawn.

Unfortunately following Covid Bristol Zoo closed its doors after 187 years to sell for residential property.

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